Malware C2 Tracker Added

I added a Malware C2 Panels tracker on the blog. It can be located at

A search feature in the header is available to search for a specific malware family, or search part of a url.

You can also dump the entire data in csv format.

I might do a stats page, but I am currenlty building the data set before I play with graphs.

If you have corections, requests or suggestions do not hesitate to reach to me on Twitter: @viriback

Same goes if you would like to contribute, twitter is the best way to share 😉

2 thoughts on “Malware C2 Tracker Added

  1. Ondřej Schindler


    Can i ask you, please, which protocol is used for url in tracker? Urls are published without protocol. Is it http or https?

    best regards
    Ondřej Schindler

    1. Viriback Post author


      Thanks for the question. These urls in the html are without protocol for design reason, but if you dump the urls from the menu you will get a CSV file with all protocols.

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