Its been a while since I updated this website/blog.

Today, I got some time to makes some changes on the tracker side of the website. I added some new elements on the stats page, some new download options, and a clickable malware name that renders pivoting easier for a given malware family.

First Off, the stats page now shows 2 new elements:

Last 30 days Top 10 malware family for panels seen in the tracker.

It also displays last 30 days in the form of an histogram, for numbers of panel added daily.

Malware Name now clickable

Clickable malware name

The malware name on the page of the tracker is now clickable. This will generate a url for a specific family, with all entries for said family.

2 new download options

As the data count grows, I received some request to have a more digestable download options.

I added 2 new options:

  • Download last 30 days of panels in CSV
  • Download last 50 panels in CSV

The bulk dump download option still exists.

New design for the blog

As you may have noticed, I redesigned the blog template to a basic design in same color tone.

Now in ThreatFox by who does a wonderful job of providing multiple platforms to fight cybercrime and allow easy sharing of IOC, as now started to ingest Viriback Tracker data: